What is a WHOIS lookup?

A WHOIS lookup is a way for you to search the public database for information about a specific domain, such as the expiration date, current registrar, registrant information, etc. When you enter a domain into the search bar here, a request is sent to the public WHOIS database of the domain’s registrar or registry and the stored record is displayed.

Steps to perform a WHOIS lookup or search

1. To look up the registrant of a particular domain, simply use our WHOIS search implementation at WHOIS Lookup.

2. Enter the domain name in the search box and click the magnifying glass to submit your search.

3. If the domain name is registered, the registrant record will be displayed.

4. If the domain name is not registered, you will be presented with the error message.

What else can I do?

Upon search completion, you can use the information provided to perform further searches.

For example, you can use our Malicious IP Database to check the reputation of the domain hosted on specified IP address.

Be careful though, there might be multiple domains hosted on the same IP Address and not all of them might be malicious.

To "visit" the website safely you can use our new tool - Website Screenshot or URL2IMG. The website will be displayed in a safe form, as an image file.