What is Cyber Security?

Author: Admin, 12/01/2020
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Introduction to Cyber Security

In the contemporary period, the web is showing exponential growth. Everything which was done manually or offline initially might be done easily through the web. once we mention the web, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc lures abundant numbers of Internet users.

So, in an era where everything might be done by the assistance of the web, the security concern is also increasing parallel to the web. Here during this session, we'll learn things about Cyber Security so that we will understand how we should always protect ourselves from Security Breaches.


What is Cyber Security?

Let’s understand what Cyber means. Cyber might be defined as something associated with the group of computers or the web. While security means the mechanism of protecting anything. So both the terms Cyber and security took together define the way of protecting user data from the malicious attacks that would cause the safety breach.

Cyber Security is that the term that has been used for a decade back after the web started evolving like anything. By the virtue of Cyber Security, any organization or any user can secure their crucial data from the hackers. Though it's concerned with hacking at some point, it used ethical hacking to implement Cyber Security in any system.



It may be defined because the process to mitigate the safety threats to guard reputation loss, business loss or monetary loss of any organization.

The term Cyber Security sought that it’s a sort of security that we provide to the system that numerous users can access using the web or intranet. There are several tools and techniques that are wont to implement it. the foremost important fact about securing data is that it’s not a 1-time process but an endless process. The supervisor has got to keep things updated to stay the danger low.


How does Cyber Security make working so easy?

No doubt that the mechanism of Cyber Security makes our work very easy by ensuring the supply of the resources contained in any network. A business or organization could face an enormous loss if they're not sincere about the safety of their online presence.

As every technology has its thanks to making the work easy, so does network security. It’s the particular thanks to making the working easy is by ensuring that the info is confidential, following integrity and available when needed.


What are you able to do with Cyber Security?

Cyber Security allows us to secure our network or system which has got to work with critical or sensitive organizational data. Below are the few things that one could do using this.

Data protection – the first role of Cyber Security is to guard the confidential data that is alleged to be accessed by the authorized user only.

Enforcing CIA – The three features of Cyber Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability might be enforced by the mean of internet security.

Mitigate breach risk – The system that's very secure and updated is extremely less biased towards security breaches. It helps the users to guard their data from getting exposed to any of the malicious user or attacker.

Ensures business continuity – It offers some plan that ensures the sustainable business processes which could lead on to keeping the organization’s reputation and also ensures that business should continue with none obstacle.


Working with Cyber Security

It is a broad topic and will be implemented in several ways. It comprises of varied approaches that are worked in SOC(security operation centre) to guard the organization from breaches. Below are the 2 different approaches to implement Cyber Security.

Defensive Security – In defensive security, the safety analyst uses tools like SIEM, IPS, IDS, Firewall, Proxy, etc. it's an approach where the organization protects their network from malicious traffic. It includes analyzing the info packet that's entering within the organization’s network to perform some task.

Offensive Security – In offensive security, the moral hacker tries to hack the organization’s system with the consent of the system owner to detect how the system might be compromised so that they will correct the problems with the system and protect it from being compromised by the particular attacker the moral hacker could do white, grey or black hat hacking supported the request and approvals. The one that does the moral hacking for any organization is additionally called pentester.


Advantages of Cyber Security

Cyber Security consists of various plus points. because the term itself says, it offers security to the network or system and that we all know that securing anything features a lot of benefits. a number of its benefits are mentioned below.

Securing organization – Cyber Security is all about securing organizations network from external attacks. It makes sure that the organization should perform good and will feel safe about its important data.

Safeguarding sensitive data – The highly confidential data like patients data, student data, sales data has got to be secure from unauthorized access so that it couldn’t be misused and it’s what we will achieve using Cyber Security.

Hamper unauthorized access – It helps us to guard the system from being accessed by someone who isn't authorized to access it. the info is kept highly secure and will only be fetched with authenticated users.

Ensuring data reliability – Data or information from any organization that's protected by the mechanism of Cyber Security are considered highly reliable and will be used without giving a reconsideration.


Required skills

In Cyber Security, one has got to possess a far better understanding of the network, should have thought about TCP/IP, HTTP, and other protocols. One should have the potential to research the info packets entering the organization’s network. In terms of offensive security, one has got to be good within the application’s ASCII text file review, should be capable of understanding web application architecture.


Why do we need Cyber Security?

In the above sections, we understood the role and importance of Cyber Security in any organization. it's something that comes under the first checklist of the companies. we've seen its several advantages and people give us a really precise idea about how crucial role it plays in protecting systems from falling into security breaches.


Right audience and career growth

Folks who are interested in understanding the elemental of Cyber Security could study it through this lesson. Though it moreover a summary, we could also get a dive into understanding the fundamentals of networking to know it far better.

The professional who had thought about networking could see good career growth within the field of Cyber Security. People having good hands-on practice on a programing language like python, Java also can choose Cyber Security by keeping themselves on what they like to do i.e., coding.



Cyber Security may be a very emerging field that plays an important role in ensuring the organization’s process continuity. it's not one thing but comprises of several approaches or techniques. Any business must need to adopt Cyber Security to guard its user’s information and keep the business moving forward efficiently.

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