Why DISA and why now?

Let's start with the name. DISA stands for Deep IT Security Analysis.

The website has been created with professionals in mind, we aim to provide the highest quality tools - while at the same time - we try to make our tools easy to use to aid our non-technical users.

We believe that thanks to this approach we can become the biggest site of this type and create a great community focused on making future generations cyber-safe!

Why now?

There is a multitude of tools but none of them was created in the way we try to form DISA. We make sure we are the best in the industry and provide most up to date and usable tools - ALL IN ONE PLACE.


WHOIS Lookup

A WHOIS lookup is a method for you to search the public database for information about a specific domain, like the expiration date, current registrar, registrant data, etc. once you search your domain here, a request is sent to the general public WHOIS database of the domain’s registrar or registry and the stored record is displayed.

Malicious IP Database

This feature will allow you to compare the IP Address that you have encountered against multiple databases that we have interfaced with our tool. We must keep this information up to date, so if you feel that the data provided by our tool is not relevant anymore, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will update it as soon as possible.

Online Encoder and Decoder

Our online coder is a tool that will allow you to encode and decode any data using the following encryption methods:

URL Encode and Decode
To: https%3A//

Base64 Encryption and Decryption
From: This is an example of a text to be encrypted!
To: VGhpcyBpcyBhbiBleGFtcGxlIG9mIGEgdGV4dCB0byBiZSBlbmNyeXB0ZWQh

HEX Encode and Decode
From: This text will be HEX encoded!
To: 5468697320746578742077696c6c2062652048455820656e636f64656421

The tool has been created with JavaScript and was not obfuscated. This is due to the fact we treat data safety seriously, and we will not allow any data to be transferred from your estate or to be stored anywhere in any form!

All data that our tool handles is strictly confidential.